Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz - Schwartz, Arthur & Dietz, Howard

1 A Shine on Your Shoes
1 A Shine on Your Shoes (Dave McKenna)
1 At Home Abroad: Paree
1 By Myself
1 By Myself (Reprise)
1 Dancing in the Dark
1 For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
1 Got a Bran' New Suit (Outtake)
1 I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan
1 I Love Louisa
1 Is It All a Dream (La Femme Rouge)
1 Louisana Hayride
1 Main Title: New Sun in the Sky / I Love Louisa / High and Low
1 Medley: Carriage in the Park / High and Low
1 New Sun in the Sky
1 Oedipus Bridge
1 Penny Arcade (Shine on Your Shoes Intro)
1 Something to Remember You By
1 Sweet Music (instrumental)
1 Sweet Music (Outtake)
1 That's Entertainment (Reprise Finale)
1 That's Entertainment!
1 That's Entertainment! (demo)
1 The Egg
1 The Girl Hunt Ballet
1 Triplets
1 Two-faced Woman (demo)
1 Two-faced Woman (Outtake)
1 You and the Night and the Music
1 You Have Everything (Outtake)