Eric B. & Rakim The R

Whoever underestimated, still waited
Pumping the radio, finally they played it
You wondered how come the album was late
I was giving you time to get the last one straight,
The show must go on, I got something to dance to
Slow it down and romance to and give me a chance to
Keep you in tune and up to par.....
Then you're doing it with the R...
Doing it wit the R....

Something new and to keep you doing what'cha doing
This is for you and your crew and for who in
The vicinity, I don't need no identity
I see hands in the air that means many be
Cooperating, I can't stop relating
Hip-hop is making more sense when I'm stating
Paragraphs of potential to prevent you
From using my instrumental, keep in mind I meant to
Illustrate another iller break immediately
Hurry up and learn the words and repeat it wit me
Then soon you're in tune and up to par
And then you're doing it wit the R...
Keep doing it, you keep doing it wit the R....

In the Summertime, pockets bulging
Somethings's happening then I'm indulging
Music is mine, Gucci seats reclined,
Gold grill, a paint job will shine..
Pull up in the park and then pop the trunk
Turn up the bass and let the system thump
A block party starts to form, people start to swarm
Loud as a ghetto blaster, word is bond
Records remind you of a madness
The moment it's played, you get gladdest
The return of the brother, keeping you up to par
And you're doing it wit the R.....

Shout outs.................