Moxy Früvous The Incredible Medicine Show

We are here to calm your fears,
And turn your world around.
The man to my right, with the headset mic,
Will stroll you through the grounds.

So enjoy your stay,
It's seafood day,
And surgery's at five.
We can correct what nature supplies
'Cause beauty is something money buys.

Don't say no to the incredible medicine show.
Don't say no to the incredible medicine show.

The double chin can be tucked in,
The wrinkles we can hide.
Some herbal tea, and Chromium D
With 'drink me' on the side.

The little fear when you look in the mirror
Gets bigger every day.
It takes work, but it can be done,
To look 23 at 51.


Na na na, na na na na.

(guitar solo)

Smoke and mirrors, dogs and ponies,
The President of the United States and his cronies.
Clean and colorful, bright and ghoulish.
A fountain of youth for the vain and the foolish.

Mrs. Booth, you're a picture of youth!
Those lips should last a while.
And carrot juice will help reduce
That creaking when you smile.

Chorus x 2