Jason Collett Hangover Days

It was in your basement apartment
with all of its earth and sea
making love on the carpet
under the light of the tv
outside the sour moon minstrels
shook their dark tambourines
the morning came in sinister
well window light menacing
with clouds up above and clouds down
killing time but it won't stand still
you said you never make a promise
that you can keep
I thanked you for being honest
you said, don't pull that shit on me
these are the hangover days
of frosted glass and metallic gleam
all the new non-places
erase my memory
we try so hard, we try so hard
we try so hard to love
it was underneath London bridge
I finally realized what you mean
meanwhile all of fashion's latest
were nipping at the heels of history
I tried to send you a postcard
but all I could write were apologies
so out the Columbia hotel window
I threw my heart into the street
with stars up above and stars down
killing time but it won't stand still, it won't stand still