Eberhard Schoener - Schoener, Eberhard

1 Amore Splendida Luce (feat. Gianna Nannini, Andrea Bocelli, Nidia Palacios & Helen Schneider)
1 Aprire la finestra (feat. Laurence Gien)
1 Bali Agung II (feat. Gamelanorchester von Saba & Pinda)
1 Blind Windows in My Eyes (feat. Kurt Moll, Charles Maxwell & Bob Lakermann)
1 Call the Circus (feat. Esther Ofarim)
1 Canon "Crossing Times and Continents" (feat. Jane Bogaert & George Kochbeck)
1 Code-Word Elvis
1 Cold Genius Samba (feat. Kurt Moll, Mariella Santiago, Jane Bogaert & Wilson Cafe)
1 Crossing Times and Continents (feat. J. Bogaert, G. Kochbeck, S. Chatterjee, C. Rudradutta & N. Kilada)
1 Falling in Trance
1 Falling in Trance (feat. Mariella Santiago & Wilson Cafe)
1 Frame of Mind
1 Frame of Mind (feat. Mariella Santiago & Wilson Cafe)
1 I Am a Wind (feat. Gianna Nannini & Nidia Palacios)
1 Ich Schau Ins Licht (feat. Esther Ofarim)
1 Koan
1 La Luna (feat. Andrea Bocelli & Helen Schneider)
1 Look, It Cannot Be Seen (feat. Hazel O'Connor)
1 Margret (feat. Clare Torry)
1 Meditation: I. Part I
1 Meditation: II, Part II
1 Miserella (feat. Nidia Palacios, Charles Maxwell & Laurence Gien)
1 Mountain Music
1 Natural High
1 Natural High (feat. Sting)
1 Night Bound City
1 Only the Wind (feat. Sting & Mariella Santiago)
1 Poem (feat. Sting)
1 Rhinebow (feat. Sting)
1 Rosa di ninguno (feat. Pedro Gavejda)
1 San Francisco Waitress
1 San Francisco Waitress (feat. Sting)
1 Shape of Things to Come
1 Signs of emotion
1 Silent Without Tears (feat. Helen Schneider)
1 Simona (feat. Wilson Cafe)
1 Sky Music
1 Speech Behind Speech
1 Speech Behind Speech (feat. Sting)
1 Trance-Formation
1 Trans Am (feat. Sting, Mariella Santiago & Wilson Cafe)
1 Video Magic (feat. Sting)
1 Video-Magic
1 When Will You Leave (feat. Mariella Santiago & John Klacka)
1 Why Don't You Answer
1 Why Don't You Answer (feat. Sting)
2 Why Don't You Answer (feat. The Police)
1 Wondering Minstral (feat. Anke Wendlandt)
1 Yvonne (feat. Willy Deville)