Forgive Durden

1 A Dead Person Breathed on Me!
1 Ants
2 Beware the Jubjub Bird and Shun the Frumious Bandersnatch
2 Caelestis
2 For a Dreamer, Night's the Only Time of Day
1 I Am A Heart, Watson. The Rest Of Me Is Mere Appendix
1 Jamais Vu
1 No Ace, Just You
2 The Great Affair Is to Move
1 The Sour And The Sweet

1 A Hundred-Year, Minute-Long Intermission
1 B As In Burn
1 Cue the Sun
1 Doctor Doctor (feat. Shawn Harris)
1 Ear to Ear
1 Genesis (feat. Casey Crescenzo)
1 Harry Frazee and No, No, Nannette
1 Holy the Sea (feat. John Gourley & Kris Anaya)
2 Il Tango Della Signora Francesco di Bartolommeo di Zanobi Del Giocondo
1 I'm A Sucker For Fakes
1 It's True Love (feat. Greta Salpeter)
1 I've Got a Witch Mad at Me and You Could Get in Trouble
1 Learning to Drown
1 Life Is Looking Up
2 Meet the King (feat. Greta Salpeter & Nic Newsham)
1 Parable of the Sower
1 The End and the Beginning (feat. Greta Salpeter & Brendon Urie)
1 The Exit (feat. Brendon Urie & Dan Young)
1 The Missing Piece (feat. Lizzie Huffman)
1 The Oracle (feat. Danny Stevens)
1 The Spider and the Lamps (feat. Max Bemis)
1 Toba the Tura (feat. Chris Conley)
1 True Moment of Choice
2 Watching the Detectives
1 When It's Too Late for P.F. Flyers
1 White to Red