Dion & The Belmonts The Majestic

(backup scat doo-be-doo-be-doo-be-doo-be-dip-dip-di-dip throughout
get up, let's do this dance now
this dance started down in dc
now they're doin' it on to v
all the way to the pacific shore
man, it's the greatest dance you ever saw

i said, get up everybody and move your feet
yeah my drum has got a swingin' beat
everything is groovin', people, here's your chance
it's time for you to do this dance

it's the majestic, the majestic, do it
the majestic, the majestic, yeah that's great

come on everybody, take a tip from me
babe i've got a message down from waikiki
a-grab your partner and get on the ball
every time you hear this call

'cause there is no more shimmy and no more bop
the kids in philly have stopped doin' the slop
yeah everybody, now you're lookin' just fine
yeah people, get in a big cross line

(over sax solo)
dance dance dance dance people
dance people, dance dance people
yeah, a little bit of soul, get up


all the way from georgia to the golden gate
and kentucky and virginia and the golden state
they're either groovin' in chicago town
this dance is really gettin' 'round

(repeat dance dance people verse and fade)