Half-handed Cloud

2 Animals Are Cut in Two
1 Rise to the Heavens on Evaporation

1 All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray
1 Always Running Away
1 Bed That Breathes With Him
1 Can't Even Breathe on My Own
1 Celebrating Hearts Aligned
1 Clothe Yourself Within Us
1 Considered It a Loan
1 Dear John
1 Disaster Will Come Upon You and You Will Not Know How to Conjure It Away
1 Earth Outside of Ghost Will Only Be Quicksand
1 Everyone Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes
2 Eyes Peeled
1 Ezekiel Bread
1 Feed Your Sheep a Burning Lamp
1 Flea Market Temple
1 Foot on the Brake
1 Good-Good Path
1 Grandfather Foreskin
1 Here's a List
1 Hey Advocate
1 I'm the Blinder
1 In Holy Pursuit
1 In You Now, but Still Below
1 It's Better To Follow The Shepard
1 Jael Peg Caper
1 Leaving The Ninety-Nine
1 Let's Go Javelin'
1 Mud...
1 Once, Twice, Seven Times a Werewolf
1 One Song in Seven Rests: I Got A-Rested
1 One Song in Seven Rests: Our First Full Day Was Spent in Rest
1 One Song in Seven Rests: Running Late for Bed
1 One Song in Seven Rests: That You May Be Gracious
1 One Song in Seven Rests: There Remains a Rest
2 One Song in Seven Rests: Tuck Us In, Father
1 One Song in Seven Rests: Work Isn't What Seemed to Be
1 Out of Crudeness: Healing
1 Picnic Few Want to Attend
1 Place Your Wind Against My Sails
1 Pressing Into It
2 Pre-Teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (medley)
1 Pup-Tent Noah
2 Quail
2 Sailing the Veil-Boat
1 Sailling the Veil-Boat
1 Skip the Rope
1 So-So Sorry Teacher
1 The Famine's Hard
1 The Shepards Reach
1 These Crowns We Wear
1 They're Bad, but We're Worse
1 Those Who Are Saved Say, 'I'm Lost'
1 Thumb/Toe Collection
2 Tongues That Possess the Earth Instead
1 Tree Replanted Back in Eden
1 We Are Not Orphaned
1 We Don't Know How It Grows
1 We're Very Greatly Loved
1 What Great Things...!
1 Worry-In the Waves
1 You Call Yourself Our Shepard?
1 You Call Yourself Our Shepard? (Reprise)
1 You Get a Horseshoe
1 You Wouldn't Embarrass Me, Would You?
2 You've Been Faithful to Us Clouds