The Dramatics - Dramatics, The

4 Be My Girl
4 Fell for You
4 I Can't Get Over You
9 In the Rain
9 Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

1 (Gimme Some) Good Soul Music
2 (I'm Going By) The Stars in Your Eyes
1 A Toast to the Fool
1 All Because of You
3 And I Panicked
1 Beautiful People
3 Beware of the Man (With the Candy in His Hand)
1 Come Outta Yo Thang
1 Do What You Want, Be What You Are
3 Don't Make Me No Promises
2 Fall in Love, Lady Love
2 Get Up & Get Down
7 Get Up and Get Down
2 Hey You! Get Off My Mountain
1 Highway to Heaven
1 I Dedicate My Life to You
1 I Gotcha
1 I Made Myself Lonely
1 Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo
1 Jane
1 Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)
5 Me and Mrs Jones
4 Me and Mrs. Jones
1 No Rebate on Love
1 Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams
1 Shake It Well
1 Thank You for Your Love
2 The Devil Is Dope
2 Toast to the Fool
1 Treat Me Like A Man
1 Welcome Back Home
2 What You See Is What You Get
1 Whatcha See Is Watcha Get
1 You Could Become the Very Heart of Me
3 Your Love Was Strange
1 You're Fooling You
2 You're The Best Thing In My Life