Mark 'Oh Because I Love You (feat. Digital Rockers)

I got you`re letter, from the postman just the other day
so decided to write you this song.
Just to let you know, exactly the way i feel,
to let you know my love�s for real.

Beacuse I love you, and i do any thing
i give you my heart, my everything
Beacause i love you, i'll be right by you`re side
To be you`re light, to be your guide


If you should feel, that i don't realy care
That you`re started to this ground.
Then let me reasoure you, that you can count on me
That i`ll always be around.

Because i love you, my heart`s an open door
Girl won't you please, come on in.
Because i love you, i`ll be right by you`re side.
To be you`re light to be you`re guide.