Das EFX Real Hip Hop

Well on your marks and get set
and cant forget to go
incase you didn't know the flow if fat like Joe(like Joe)
yo..you niggedy know that Im back man
your wack man/I eat a nigga like I'm pacman
I biggedy bring it/straight form the cella
for reala, packin more hits than Lou Pinella
I swella/nigga in his eye if he tess me
you dont impress me
ey yo Books bring the rest G...

Uhh..One time for yo mind
Eh yo what up its..
the crew thats bringin ruckus no doubt
we the ruffest dream team
reign Supreme like a Cutlass
get duckets the dough
cant touch the flow
it's me the Nigga wit G'z
the B double O K-S
on top that I'll bus your caliber
when I pop shit and rock shit like Metallica
straight to the heart of them street fake niggas
your all up in my face/wanna sell my tape niggas
so honey shake your figures and show me whatcha got
(Blow the spot)Das Efx wit the Real Hip Hop

To the hiddip the hop it don't stop(don't stop)
Das Efx wit the real hip hop(hip hop)
To the hiddip the hop it don't quit(don't quit)
Das Efx and we came to rip shit(rip shit)

Eh okiedokie
next nigga ta quote me
I hope he got more miracles than Smokey
wont be no discussion/strictly bumrushin
head rushin like Gotti
your in my Dangerfield like Rodney
so Howdy/let me introduce for my peeps
straight from the sewer
sayin true to the streets

Well it's me crazy Drazy
bringin up the rear
I swear/we got to Hold It Down here yeah
so there..let me crack a brew and kick my feet up
turn the heat up
and smiggedy smoke all the weed up
kids I beat up/wit my style thats the newest
my crew is/runnin more ruckus than Carl Lewis
it's from the sewer now ya see me on tha top
so stop and recognizt the niggas on ya block


Yo Mc's is irrelevant
and delicate to the texture
and this style of mines is well defined like Webster
aint a better nigga raw from the jaw jabber-jibber
when I get Stone like Sharon from Sliver
equppied ta/riggedy rip the microphone to shreds
dread yo come and hit these niggas in the head...

Well I connect my rhymes like Lego
so lego my eggo, I burn ya like Waco
you need more than Maaco
I take it to ya crew and keep em moving like Im Uhaul
Im here to school yall
figgedy faggots like Rupaul
I throw a screwball and strike out the MC
and if he temps me
I knock em out like Jack Dempsey
I burn some sensi and chase em wit the Guiness
The illest..hit me wit the hook because I'm finished