!!! Heart of Hearts

Her face, her face didn't change the whole damn time
When suddenly, suddenly she left the room crying
Turned her cards, turned her cards over they were shocked to find
One card, none of them had ever seen dealt
Was a heart of hearts

Staring, staring out the window like something's missing
Talking, talking to himself but not even he is listening
Read the letter, read the letter over he was shocked to find
Dear you, the heart is nothing but, nothing but a shell
For your heart of hearts

Talking about real love baby
It's such a precius thing
It's got to be true love baby
It's such a precius thing
Cuz we're just fumbling baby
Fumbling in the dark
For a heart of hearts

Wasn't love, wasn't love said it was good enough
But something inside, something inside remained untouched
Live your life, live your life over don't be shocked to find
Good enough, just ain't good enough unless it's felt
In your heart of hearts